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2023 Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Spring Edition)

Ofly has attended the 2023 Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Spring Edition) during April 12th and April 15th.   This exhibition is the first international exhibition since China's epidemic policy was relaxed. Ofly takes this fair very seriously. So Ofly showed off all the new products. All boards were carefully designed.     The exhibition process was very smooth, and we received many customers.   Some of them told us that “ Your products are really good. I haven’t seen them before...”     Also Client S saw our products and came in to know more details. He told me that “I have been looking for this product for a long time. I have to tell my colleagues about this good news......My colleagues were also excited!...”     Client C: “ ....May I visit your factory? ” Tom: “ Sure!....”     Meanwhile, some regular customers have visited our booth.   A customer from Taiwan impressed us the most. One week before the exhibition, he came to our company. Knowing that we would participate in this exhibition, he visited our booth directly on the first day of the exhibition.     Also there was Client A from Hong Kong. He told us that he was looking for Cici. Although Cici was receiving other customers, he patiently said "It's okay. I can wait for her here." Then this customer chatted with Cici a lot...     Undoubtedly, some customers have given us some advice, which we have learned a lot.   Ofly takes every customer's request and suggestion seriously. Feel free to contact us with any questions!



Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

    When will the moon be clear and bright? With a cup of wine in my hand, I ask the blue sky. lunar August 15th, is the Chinese traditional festival, Mid-autumn Festival, it contains a meaning of unity.     In this day, parents that at home already prepare the material for dinner. While waiting for their children to come back, they are also busy with making the feast. Finally the day turns dark and their children reach home, a whole family siting around the table, talking about everyone’s recent situation, having fun with each other. After the dinner, moving out to the door, below the moon, people set a table with moon cakes, fruit and snacks on it. Members sit around the table and start to appreciate the moon. Kids running, playing and eating, adults talking, joking and drinking, everyone is enjoying their time.     Though, not everyone is able to come home. Some are far away from home, others are occupied with job. No matter how, the moon is always hanging out there. When you watch the moon, you and the people you love are seeing the same one.     Ofly, a company with human care, not only cares about employees’ development, but also values employees’ welfare. In Dragon Boat Festival, Ofly gave out festival gifts to every of our staff. Also, Ofly held a birthday party in August, shared bonus with excellent staff and about to give mid-autumn festival gifts to celebrate it. Each staff is a part of our family. Ofly will always be your home.